8" Win8-PRO Tablet => FITALY

Posted by john_cm92627 , 07/12/2013, 07:33:01 Post Reply   Forum

Hello FITALY users/developers,

I was a fond user of FITALY for the PPC and want to return to FITALY for the new 8" Win8-PRO tablets coming out. The Asus Iconia W3 is a good start and later in the year there should be more choices.

I have avoided tablets but the new Win8-PRO (soon 8.1) tablets in the 8" form factor have me excited since they are hand-held/pocketable and truly productive (i.e. technical, running full Windows and not just office and social/entertainment apps).

This message is to see if there is similar interest out there for FITALY on these new/upcoming tablets and if anyone has any feedback for FITALY on a Win8-PRO tablet. IMHO these small form factor tablets running full Windows seem the strongest call (and perfect home) for FITALY.

I can't help but to mention my thoughts for Mr. J. Ichbiah now.



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