Experiences with Fitaly and Windows 8?

Posted by Robert Carnegie , 10/29/2012, 15:47:13 Post Reply   Forum

With Microsoft Windows 8 just released, some of us are considering upgrading our Windows PC, or buying a new Windows tablet. But will we still be able to use Fitaly?

I'm expecting that Fitaly 5 works on the Windows 8 "desktop" screen, but not in the "Modern UI" - it's probably too much to ask when the current program wasn't designed for that - and not on Windows 8 RT, for the same reason. But if it does, fine.

On the other hand, any "Windows Store" edition of Fitaly may be not allowed to work with the "old" desktop.

A new edition of Fitaly might benefit by attaching itself legally or otherwise to the accessibility features of Windows 8, if that's possible, because those features kind of legally have to be there (I guess?) Alternatively, maybe it can run in the side-by-side mode of Windows Store programs on larger screens.

I'm considering buying a Windows 8 upgrade first for a little convertible tablet PC that I didn't manage to get to do what I want before now - a first-edition "Fizzbook Spin" - but I don't know when I'll have time to do that. Apart from that, any purchase should become my principal PC, so I'm looking at models with more than basic hardware. Currently I mainly use a Dell Latitude ST with Windows 7, where Fitaly works fine if I'm correctly assuming that it isn't the cause of the machine randomly freezing up for a minute at a time several times an hour, and particularly after waking the tablet up. So, that model is not recommended, but I'd like to know if Fitaly users are getting on okay with other Dell tablet models.

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