Difficulty entering text into some popups on web on HP Slate 500

Posted by kistonewa , 03/24/2011, 13:56:15 Post Reply   Forum

I recently purchased an HP Slate 500 (had to have Windows for work) which runs Windows7 on an Atom processor. I have stayed with WinXP on all my other computers for compatibility with some work applications; therefore, this may be an issue with my inexperience with Win7.

Naturally one of my first purchased installations was Fitaly. As usual the default soft keyboard takes up way too much screen real estate, and after one gets use to all the features on Fitaly, anything else is unbearable. My problem is that I have run into a number of sites where the Fitaly input doesn't work. The most recent was the the Intel App store for netbooks. The problem is usually with sites that pop up a sign in or a registration box. When I use HP/Microsofts default soft keyboard everything works fine. Any suggestions?

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