Alternatives to hovering for keyboard/fitaly

Re: how to replace the tablet windows keyboard with fitaly -- jetus
Posted by kistonewa , 12/26/2009, 13:07:44 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

One option mentioned in this forum in the past was to use StrokeIt along with a macro program. The original post is at:

The general concept is that a program such as StrokeIt allows gestures anywhere on the screen to activate a program, in this case a macro. The macro then opens or moves fitaly to a predetermined location. The macro can actually be written so that fitaly opens positioned at a predetermined offset from where the mouse cursor is. The gestures can pop up Fitaly as fast as hovering pops up the Windows keyboard.

I think this is a great idea, but I have not actually implemented it. I have relied on the positioning capability that Emmanuel has built into Fitaly.`

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