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I've just updated my AutoHotKey script "FitaTrak" to add support for Fitaly Tablet version 5. Sorry it took so long--I hadn't realized there was a new version.

Script version:

Compiled version:

To download, right click one of the above and use "Save Target As" to put it somewhere. The new version should work for all previous versions but if not the old ones are at the above location as fitatrak-v200607.ahk and exe.

For those of you who haven't been around that long :-) a few of us Fitaly Tablet pioneers weren't too happy with having to manually manipulate Fitaly instead of tying it to the TIP. There were several utilities written to attempt to solve the problem until the Fitaly folks could find a permanent fix. Looks like they still haven't. FitaTrak was my contribution.

FitaTrak runs in the background and should be started at system startup. It hides the Fitaly keyboard until you HOVER the mouse over the TIP icon--DON'T click the TIP icon--just HOVER the stylus over it. Tapping the TIP icon will bring up the full TIP keyboard as normal. When you hover over the icon the Fitaly keyboard will appear nearby. Moving the stylus away will make the TIP icon, and hence the Fitaly keyboard, go away. And of course if the tablet is docked and no TIP is shown--no Fitaly keyboard visable.

In addition to hiding and unhiding the Fitaly keyboard, FitaTrak also moves the keyboard as close to the TIP icon as possible, either above or below as needed. Once up, Fitaly will stay stationary horizontally until the TIP icon leaves the screen. You can drag the keyboard to one side manually if needed or you can force the Fitaly window to shift closer to the TIP by re-hovering the mouse over the TIP icon. An earlier version tried to move horizontally automatically--turned out to be too hard to type that way :-) If the TIP icon moves up or down, such as when the caret moves to a new line in an edited document, Fitatrak will automatically move Fitaly vertically after a few lines.

It doesn't matter if Fitaly is running or not--FitaTrak will start it if necessary. I've been running FitaTrak on my tablet since it was written and it's pretty bug-free. Internet Explorer v8 has created a new problem--it's not giving the script the proper horizonal position of fields *in* the page--causing the Fitaly keyboard to come up at the far left. I'll keep working on that problem but thought I'd better get an update out for Fitaly v5 since the v4 version wasn't working.

AutoHotKey is a free script-type programming package. It's quite powerful similar to WinBatch only free--totally free. Even the compiler is free. You can either install AutoHotKey and then execute the AHK script above. Or you can put the EXE file somewhere and run it without installing AutoHotKey. You can get AutoHotKey at:

As always, let me know of bugs or suggestions. And yes, it may not work in some browsers due to the way they handle things--sorry.

Jud Hardcastle
Dallas TX

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