How many Fitaly expansions, what glossary size?

Re: Fitaly expansions -- docwats
Posted by Marianne , 06/24/2008, 19:10:24 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

You can have thousands of Fitaly expansions, and your glossary can be more than 100 KB.

Beyond 5,000 entries you may see the Fitaly Editor slow down a second or two when you add an entry or when you load it.

If you want to use more than 10,000 entries I would say it is better to use Fitaly in combination with Instant Text.

The Fitaly glossaries can be used in Instant Text, and the Instant Text glossaries can work in Fitaly provided they are not oversized for Fitaly. You also need to make sure you have taken out the frequencies in the Instant Text glossaries before using them in Fitaly. The Workshop under Importer lets you do that with the Remove Frequencies button.


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