Announcing skins

Posted by Marianne , 06/21/2008, 07:01:42 Post Reply   Forum

Dear Fitaly Users,

I know keyboards nowadays need new clothes. So Ich&Kar created two new outfits for Fitaly. We hope you will like the design.

They are now available on the new demo pages:

Fitaly for the Tablet PC
Fitaly for the Pocket PC

You can choose or install all three versions, Fitaly JDI - Fitaly TomoŽ - Fitaly Blue and find out which one you like best while writing with Fitaly on your Tablet. We think you will enjoy them.

Our goal in creating these designs was as always to make your text input fast, smooth and easy (also on your eyes).

Change is good as long as it makes things better and more pleasant... Let us know if this is the case with Fitaly TomoŽ or Fitaly Blue.

We love to hear from you.

Kindest regards,


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