Fitaly 5.01 released.

Posted by Emmanuel , 06/13/2008, 12:50:46 Post Reply   Forum

Dear Fitaly Users,

We hope you enjoy Fitaly 5 on your Tablet PCs. The forum has not been flooded with reactions for now. :-)

We are pleased to introduce version 5.01 of Fitaly for the Tablet PC which can be
downloaded here

This version corrects a few minor bugs, most importantly upon Minimize/Restore Fitaly does not take the focus away anymore.

Also, you can now change the look of Fitaly by installing Fitaly Blue. Fitaly now comes in two flavors. Besides the Fitaly Classic that you already know, you can download and try Fitaly Blue which I find quite nice in medium and large size. Let us know what you think!

Existing custom slide files and glossaries will not be affected by the Fitaly Classic and Blue installers. However, to be on the safe side, always create backup copies of your custom slide files and glossaries before installing a new version of Fitaly.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Ichbiah

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