Fitaly disappearing

Re: You are 100% right -- Emmanuel
Posted by , 05/07/2008, 09:53:22 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

First I would like to say that I find Fitaly 5.0 to be an outstanding product and upgrade! I will comment further in another post when I have time.

I have noticed a problem with Fitaly occasionally losing its "always on top" position. I have always thought that it was being covered by the other window, but Emmanuel is probably right that it is being minimized instead. This may be a little more common than it was in version 4, but I am not certain. I have primarily seen this when I return to a citrix remote session from another application. It is not a consistent problem, and I have not seen it often enough to characterize it in way that would help tech support know what is going on. I will try to pay more attention, but it usually happens when I am busy in the ED. I don't usually have time to write down the circumstances. Fitaly is helping my productivity enough that I have just considered it a minor irritant. I have set one of the buttons on my tablet to reveal the task bar, and this allows me to click on Fitaly to bring it back with not more than a couple seconds of lost productivity when it does occur.

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