I don't think it is possible.

Re: Calling up fitaly instead of the TIP -- patnpm
Posted by Emmanuel , 05/05/2008, 07:12:13 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum


I don't think it is possible to configure third party input methods as part of the TIP. In my experience, I found the TIP positioning "intelligence" quite limited in most cases.

For the positioning of Fitaly, we have defined some new macros that can be made available through slides:

- the move keyboard macros enables you to move Fitaly to a configurable predefined screen location
- the dock macro docks Fitaly to the bottom of the client application where you are typing
- the duo macro resizes the application you are currently working with, leaving just enough space for Fitaly below.

If you want to avoid minimizing the keyboard, you can also define a macro that combines setting the keyboard to small size and then moving it in one of the screen corners or somewhere where it does not bother you.

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