Can we cut also?

Re: Clipboard with multiple drawers -- emmanuel
Posted by kistonewa , 02/27/2008, 10:45:57 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum


I think your clipboard analogy is probably the correct one; however, this raises a question that I had not thought of previously. Can it be designed in such a way that there is a cut option also? My original idea was just to be able to quickly enter repetitive text on the fly, but thinking about the clipboard analogy opens another area. Sometimes it is nice to rearrange sentences, etc. If there were a function, text could be arranged more quickly. I would assume that if this could be done the and the would both refence the same drawer. At some point the programmer has to just say no. Are we there yet?

Knowing what is in each drawer might be a problem for some people like me who flunked short term memory a long time ago. Would it be possible to have the slide reflect what the referenced drawer currently holds? I was thinking of the first 15 to 20 characters only. If the slides were all together, then starting to slide would quickly reveal what each drawer held. The ideal would be to see this also on the copy/cut slides so one didn't overwrite something prematurely accidentally.

I believe the highest priority would be speed and conservation of movement in moving the information in and out. Others might have other priorities. Whatever can be done is greatly appreciated.


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