wish list: automated slide creation on the fly

Posted by kistonewa , 02/19/2008, 06:46:00 Post Reply   Forum

This is an idea that came to me as I was using Fitaly tonight, and I am not sure it is ready for prime time yet. Sometimes when composing documents one ends up using a word, phrase, or name, which one does not normally use, several times. It would be nice if Fitaly had a capability to predefine a set of slides to expedite this. For example my predefined slides would run SE off of "C" (for copy). When I typed a phrase that I knew I was going to use several times, I would highlite it then slide SE off of C to the first unused function position. This would automatically place this phrase in the corresponding SE slide position of "P". With this feature it would take only 2 strokes, a stroke outlining the phrase and the stroke sliding off of C, to define the temporary slide.

This would be most flexible if there were a metakey such as:
CreateSlide (key, slidedirection, length)
where "key" is the target key. Length might default to the same length as the creating slide was. I assume that this would overwrite any definition already present in the target location without warning.

This would allow The user to decide where to place the slides creating the new slide and its target location. It would also allow creation of as many quick slides as the users thought they could keep track of.

This certainly is not a high priority, but I have been extremely pleased with all of the enhancements recently added, and it has made me greedy for more!

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