Fitaly does not support Vista elevated processes

Posted by harakan , 02/15/2008, 21:18:32 Post Reply   Forum

Fitaly currently does not support elevated processes on Vista, as it is not correctly marked as an Accessibility tool (i.e. an on-screen keyboard).


1) On a Vista system with Fitaly installed, start Fitaly.

2) Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad. Type on Fitaly and note that the input works fine.

3) Click Start, All Programs, Accessories. This time, right-click Notepad and select "Run as Administrator". Type on Fitaly, and note that the input doesn't work.

Whilst it is possible to set Fitaly to run with admin privileges, this causes a UAC prompt every time Fitaly is opened - and is completely unnecessary. Instead, Fitaly needs a manifest added with a privilege level of "asInvoker" and uiAccess set to true, and then be digitally signed. This means that if Fitaly is installed in the "Program Files" directory it can send input to elevated processes WITHOUT having to be run with Admin rights, and so without any annoying UAC prompts - exactly the way the built-in on-screen keyboards / TIP work.

FYI, I have modified my Fitaly.exe in this way to prove the point, with a local test signature, and it works perfectly - no more uncontrollable windows!

I strongly recommend that you fix this for the next Fitaly release - it makes the program much more usable on Vista, whereas the current behaviour just looks "broken" and will drive potential users away to alternative products that may be less effective, but at least work with all applications!


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