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Re: alt-tab issues -- kistonewa
Posted by emmanuel , 02/14/2008, 09:13:43 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi Ken,

Currently sticky keys like shift, control, alt, the windows key are automatically released by Fitaly when you type the next character.

So currently when you tap ‹alt›‹tab› Fitaly generates ‹alt›‹tab›‹alt› which prevents the alt+tab window to display.

To fix this we have to consider ‹alt›‹tab› as a special case where Fitaly should not automatically release the alt key but let the user explicitly release the alt key. Note that a similar behavior is already implemented with the Shift key and the direction keys in order to allow text selection.

With our fix, you will still be able to do a single ‹alt›‹tab› by defining a slide that does ‹alt›‹tab›‹alt›.

Naturally I would define following slides and I would link them to the ‹esc› or ‹tab› key:

single alt tab:

open alt+tab window:

When you open the alt+tab window you can then either:
- select the window you want with your pen
- tab through to the window you want and release the alt key (slide of escape) to make your selection.

Concerning the fitaly slidable key you are perfectly right that it should be documented. We have not updated the documentation for 4.10, we will do it for 5.00. Meanwhile I think we will revise the 4.10 revision notes.

Best regards,

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