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Emmanuel wrote: "Thank you for mentioning the Alt-Tab issue. Fitaly currently resets the Alt state after you hit Tab which prevents the display of the Alt+Tab window. We will correct that."

I don't fully understand the possible alt-tab issues. While I do want to be able to simulate holding down the alt and tabbing through the active tasks, being able to do a single alt-tab combination off of a slide to return to last program is also essential.

One comment on the undocumented "fitaly" slideable key. I think this needs to be documented. I thought I was having trouble with repositioning fitaly using the caption bar since I moved to 4.1. Sometimes it acted like it was unable to accept input to move it. I was wondering if it was some type of focus issue. I just created my first sample slide off of the "fitaly" key, and I now realize that one can not grasp the caption bar where the "fitaly key" is located. This is different from 4.0. Until a slide is defined, the "fitaly key" acts like a dead spot. You can't move fitaly, and there is no apparent response to tapping over it or sliding off of it. This certainly is not a problem as long as users are aware that fitaly only repositions if the bar is grasped in the empty space between the fitaly key and the minimize button. You may already have this documented. I am behind on several things, and I have been using 4.1 without my usual perusing of documentation supplied. Since I have both 4.0 and 4.1 installed I also appear to have linked to 4.0 documentation off of the Help menu that pops up on 4.1. Is there specific documentation of 4.1 features in the release or do we just have the list of feature enhancements at this time?

I must confess that my initial forum response to 4.1 was much too tepid. This is definitely a "must have" upgrade for me, and I am still just in the initial exploration stages of the enhancements.

Thank you for all of your work.

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