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Re: Thank you for 4.1 -- kistonewa
Posted by emmanuel , 02/06/2008, 10:50:39 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi Ken,

Your feedback helps us improve our product. We are thankful for it.

Version 5.0 will come pretty soon, probably end of March or beginning of April. We may do a short beta testing before the release, users interested may send me an e-mail. We appreciate our users spreading the word about our product. The exposure you help us get for Fitaly is extremely valuable to us.

Fitaly 4.0 and Fitaly 4.1 can run in parallel.
If you want them to work on the same slide file though, you have to have Fitaly 4.1 load the 4.0 slide file using the menu "Load slides ..."item.

Thank you for mentioning the Alt-Tab issue. Fitaly currently resets the Alt state after you hit Tab which prevents the display of the Alt+Tab window. We will correct that.

If you are running on Vista you can use Ctrl+Alt+Tab in the meantime: it locks the Alt-Tab window and you can use the arrows or Tab to select a window and activate it with the Enter key. Esc leaves the Alt-Tab window.
This looks like a nice candidate for a slide definition.

By the way, an undocumented feature: the "fitaly" title on the caption is now another slidable key, with the extensions of our macro language I thought it would be nice to have an additional key for which slides can be defined.

Best regards,

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