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Re: Concern with some possible changes -- kistonewa
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 02/03/2008, 04:39:54 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I've probably mentioned, on my latest device, Samsung Q1, I'm keeping Fitaly over the portrait-orientation docked TIP - where it does not want to stay. I think I did share the AutoHotkey "macro" script that I'm using to enforce this. I also have a desktop system - separate licence - also used by stylus, because for me Fitaly is now a disability aid.

What I get out of "docking" is that applications are in separate screen space from Fitaly, data aren't displayed with Fitaly hiding them, and I know where it is. The facility to lock an application naturally into the taskbar itself, if achieved, would do a lot of what I want.

On these touchscreens I now perceive a greater error rate than on the earlier Tablet PCs, one reason being that you don't know for sure where the cursor ends up until after you touch. Fitaly can't do much for that except possibly allowing mis-strokes to be cancelled without being "seen" at all by the application, but I probably need to revisit the question of using a product such as "Sound Pilot" with (optional) speaking of keystroke keys - when I tested it before, I found that it was a lot easier to hear and correct misstrokes than to see them. I've said this before too - but spoken strokes could be embarrassing on passwords.

Incidentally, a new Tablet-type device, OQO e2, apparently has a very small screen (5 inches 800 x 480) and the original stylus type whose location is registered whether touching the screen or not. But it is very expensive and probably will not sell very many.

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