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Re: Concern with some possible changes -- kistonewa
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Hi Ken,

I think the higher caption bar is a definite must when you are using the pen to move Fitaly: currently it is very difficult to grab. I don't think that doubling the caption height should be a real issue for the screen real estate. If it were an issue one avenue could be to introduce a toggle to show/hide the caption. With the caption hidden, it would still be possible to:

- minimize Fitaly with the "X" key
- close Fitaly using the taskbar icon

Moving Fitaly would then be a problem. Of course Fitaly could be moved to some predefined locations (corners, ...) via slides using the positionning macros that we plan to introduce but it could not be moved to any location as it is possible by dragging the title bar. To move Fitaly to any location you would have to toggle the caption back up, move the keyboard and hide the caption again, sounds a bit cumbersome.
Maybe the "X" key should be replaced by a "move key" in caption off mode and minimizing could be done by taping the Fitaly task bar icon, as you can see I am brainstorming. :-)

Concerning the positionning macros, to keep it simple, I see quite naturally 8 possibilities, the 4 corners or the 4 centered locations (top,bottom, right,left). To send Fitaly to user defined locations I would rather rely on our users writing their own macros, you can do that with autohotkey or by writing a little program that gets launched via a slide.

Concerning the TIP, I find it quite disappointing too. I guess you are just using it for the windows key? :-) What else is missing in Fitaly that makes you use the TIP? Ultimately we would like to have our users feel like "Hey ! I don't need the TIP, I can do everything with Fitaly!". Anyway, we are working in that direction.

Best regards,

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