Concern with some possible changes

Re: Some issues will be solved with Fitaly 5. -- emmanuel
Posted by kistonewa , 01/12/2008, 11:43:36 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I delighted to hear that you will be able to concentrate on FITALY once again. I do have a couple conerns about potential changes.

3) Dragging the keyboard will be improved. We will have a higher caption bar that is easier to grab than the current one, and the keyboard will be displayed all the way long while dragging.

I would strongly prefer that at least one verion of the small sized keyboard does not have a higher caption bar. When using FITALY with a template program (as opposed to standard text document entry), the larger the realestate that FITALY takes up, the more often it gets in the way of a portion of the template and has to be moved.

6) To show/hide the keyboard, you can minimize it and restore it, we may add a task bar icon but not sure if it really brings some added value.
In order to send the keyboard easily to the corners of the screen we will add some new macros that you can then use in slides.
If this is implemented, I would like to have a way to have several user defineable locations, and not just the corners. I often have 6 to 8 slides in each direction on some keys, and I can't do full slides in the corners. I can use my macro program to do some repositioning of FITALY; therefore, I could get along without this flexibility if it complicates programing too much.

deevee wrote: 7) Automatically move keyboard away from editing insertion point (caret) when typing. It can move to predefined locations or positions above/below current edit control.
I would agree with your response. I find that the Microsoft TIP is a real nuisance for me. I accidentally hit it because it moves on its own, and my entry is not in a linear left to right and then down in the template program. I prefer having manual control and your suggestion to item 6 are much more to my liking.

In an unrelated matter, I am impressed with the flexibility in where slides can be be done. I have been experimenting more since my wish list post on 2007 Nov 18. I was shocked when I realized that you allow slides off of the "X" in the upper right hand corner for closing FITALY. Truely impressive!

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