Some issues will be solved with Fitaly 5.

Re: FITALY 4.0 for Tablet PC issues - Vista & UMPC -- deevee
Posted by emmanuel , 01/11/2008, 20:07:22 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi Dave,

Sorry again for the late answer. Let me answer your points:

1) The Tablet PC Input Panel is not an interface that is open to 3rd party keyboards as the Pocket PC Input panel. This means that integrating Fitaly in the TIP is probably NOT possible. Nevertheless we will try to add more intelligence to Fitaly so that it is easier to position, minimize and restore.

2) "always on top" toggle is a good idea, we will add that.

3) Dragging the keyboard will be improved. We will have a higher caption bar that is easier to grab than the current one, and the keyboard will be displayed all the way long while dragging.

4) Tap sound. Not yet sure but why not.

5) I agree that the highlighting is too fast to be seen as soon as you type fast but I don't really see how to improve it, currently a key is inverted at tap down and restored at tap up. Any other approach would probably show the highlights with a delay which is not desirable.

6) To show/hide the keyboard, you can minimize it and restore it, we may add a task bar icon but not sure if it really brings some added value.

In order to send the keyboard easily to the corners of the screen we will add some new macros that you can then use in slides.

7) I guess it is not a good idea to move the keyboard too often, I would rather tend to have it at some dedicated place and move it or hide it when required.

8) I am not so fond of these time triggered changes.

Best regards

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