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I see that there is a wish list thread on the PocketPc forum. Will there be an update for for the Tablet PC version also?

My wish list in order of importance:
1) A modification of slides so that only the central portion of the slide stroke for each slide highlights the slide

2) User allowed to redefine location of the slide files.

3) Comment or descriptive phrase appearing on the slide bar instead of actual slide contents.

4) More metakeys.

5) South slides start at the FITALY board instead at the top of the slide list.

Reasons for each item:
1) Modification of slide highlights. I am running a number of macro expansions off of slides. If the slide choice above or below the one I want is fired instead, it can create havoc at times. What I would like is for the slide choices to highlight only in the middle 1/3 or 1/2 of its slide region. Then it would be less likely to fire the wrong slide if I don't pick up perfectly vertically. Also when I am running really fast, their appears to be a minimal lag in the highlighting at times which causes me to lift up at the wrong time. This very well be my hand eye coordination, but it does cause problems. Another possibility if the above can not easily be programed, would to be the ability to control the height of the display of the slides. This would allow me to display the slides narrowly and insert a blank slide between each slide which would double the needed number of slides for the same number of useful slides.

2) Redefining location of slide files. I am currently developing a series of CustomSlide.txt files which I will use for special areas of the medical record. I.E. a special slide file with orthopedic terms and macros. I currently run a macro which copies my special slidefile from another directory over the CustomSlide.txt. I also copy over one of the bitmap files so the top of FITALY tells me which special CustomSlides is loaded. It then terminates FITALY and restarts it so it will read in the new CustomSlides file. Over time I hope to develop a number of CustomSlide files over time including ones which expedite entering medications and physician names. I would like to load these into a ramdisk which loads the files quicker and allows a faster transition. Since I can't do this at present, I am hoping that doing this will eliminate the brief pause required. Will loading FITALY from a ramdisk speed up terminating & restarting it. If I am too optimistic in what speed improvement this would allow, then this would move down on the priority list.

3) Comment or descriptive phrases would be nice since many of the macros used have somewhat cryptic key combinations or short text strings which fire them. This would make it easier to identify those which I use less often. It also would definitely facilitate others learning to use the macros. My long term dream is to develop my CustomSlides to the point where our doctors will find them faster than making cryptic brief notes on paper when we are really busy.

4) Additional metakeys are always nice. As I have mentioned previously I would like a Windows key. The other suggestions on this topic also look good to me, but the Metakey which I would most like is a variable pause function. This would greatly enhance my ability to deploy some macros through FITALY. I have a few that will only deploy from the keyboard at the present. It appears to be an issue of Windows loosing focus when I tap on FITALY, and a delay allowing me to tap on the correct window prior to the macro starting would be nice.

5) South slides start at FITALY instead of the top of the slides. I find it faster and easier for me to follow the slide up from where my eyes are focused initially. The problem of coordinating the hand moving down while the screen activity moves up has not been a problem for me in the past. I realize this would make it more difficult for some others; therefore, and option to do it either way would be best.

I noticed today that there have been no moderator responces to the last 3 posts in the Tablet PC forum in June, but there have been some ongoing responses in the PocketPC forum. Is there going to be further development on the Tablet PC product? I have noticed your references to increased costs for support related to the complications of installing on the PC platform. If additional enhancement is not going to occur, or the request I have are not going to make the cut, is it possible to pay for an enhancement to be developed? What kind of ball park cost would be involved?


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