FITALY 4.0 for Tablet PC issues - Vista & UMPC

Posted by deevee , 06/26/2007, 13:54:52 Post Reply   Forum

Hello Fitaly Support & Developers,

Great job on Fitaly 4.0 for Tablet PC.

FYI, just some issues I noticed on Windows Vista Home Premium running on a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC:

1) The Fitaly 4.0 Tablet PC keyboard doesn't disappear when there's no user input focus (the PDA Pocket PC version works nicely). It has to be manually minimized.
Best: Integrate into the writing input panel as optional keyboard (again the Pocket PC does this and works nicely).
At least dim the keyboard or change UI if input focus is not at edit control -- this is important since I stare at Fitaly keyboard for fastest input (unlike QWERTY where you stare at screen).

2) An "always on top" toggle would help with above situation.

3) Dragging the keyboard does not show outline or the keyboard moving. Keyboard jumps to right and down about 20-30 pixels. Dragging seems to be fixed when resizing (dragging shows window contents).

4) Clicking noise would really help typing speed (PDA version nice). Did not see tap sounds options in Vista.
A different sound effect for slide selection would help (key up).

5) Allow control of highlighting when keys are tapped. For this UMPC, it's too fast (the key highlight invert is too fast to be seen -- many typing errors result). Again this would greatly help typing.

6) Allow a hot key to show/hide toggle the keyboard state as well as move to predefined locations (corners?) on screen.

7) Automatically move keyboard away from editing insertion point (caret) when typing. It can move to predefined locations or positions above/below current edit control.

8) Allow number key state to revert to keyboard after predefined few seconds.

Thanks for great work,

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