Extending the keyboard.

Re: invoking the windows key -- kisktonewa
Posted by Emmanuel , 12/24/2006, 13:04:51 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi Ken,

As you know the keyboard is very compact and not all keys are directly available with one tap. Though nearly all keys are available via slides and our macro language metakeys. The list of metakeys is fixed by us. With the "launch" macro you can launch any program but this is probably not the easiest way to produce a key that is not yet accessible in our macro language.

Left and right window keys that you mention are currently keys for which we have not yet defined metakeys. We could add metakeys for those quite easily.

At one point somebody mentionned that it was not possible to generate numbers with numpad codes (VK_NUMPAD{0-9}). We could add metakeys for those too.

At that point it would be interesting to know if some of you miss other keys that we could add by extending our macro language.


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