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Hi Dave,

Depends what you mean by docking, but the management techniques we've discussed may be applicable. I can think of two things that you may have in mind: hiding Fitaly until you hit a particular screen region to make it appear, or running it alongside applications instead of on top - or both.

Auto-repeat, I think you could pull off with the free automation tool, AutoHotkey, which I use quite a lot - probably surprising anyone else who tries to use my computer... "Why did that happen??" ;-)

You may have seen me talking about parking Fitaly on a less-used section of the taskbar, which does require that the taskbar is stretched to be large enough to hold it. So that depends on your computer and how you like to run it. And since Fitaly or another program frequently gets bounced off the taskbar, or covered over by it, I'm using AutoHotkey to keep moving Fitaly back where it should be.

A side issue is that this screen arrangement may not be expected by some applications which put windows and dialogs in the centre of the monitor; /they/ may be under the taskbar. For that, I have another script, that moves the problem window to be centred in the desktop minus taskbar.

I think we are still stuck when it comes to associating Fitaly with the Tablet Input Panel - it is hard to interfere with it, and it tends to stay on top. But we /can/ have Fitaly summoned when a gesture is made to the TIP /icon/.

Another separate tool that might help with docking - I haven't tried out what I'm going to suggest - is Windows PowerPro from WebEddie, which can, amongst other things, set up macro menu bars in different locations, including along any screen edge and/or docked. PowerPro or perhaps AutoHotkey could interact with the docked menu by making Fitaly appear in the same place when the menu appears. And any other functions that you want can be on the menu. You might need to put dummy buttons into the menu so that Fitaly can cover them.

I've also tried programming a PowerPro menu itself as an on-screen keyboard, but it doesn't work at top speed - some buttons are missed out. So that's no good.

On a touchscreen there's a special problem activating hidden docked controls, because they tend to require that you push the mouse or pointer off the screen, and you can't! However, holding the stylus on the screen edge so that a right-click happens can do it.

A dodge that I've been considering is to use Fitaly with a distorted screen layout. What I have in mind is that the alphabet block wouldn't be between the other normal controls, but above or below them. Now actually doing this while legally using the real Fitaly software would be quite difficult, but not impossible, I have ideas... but I haven't got around to them.

Does this sound like what you want? We can polish it up, I think.

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