Auto-repeat and docking

Posted by qwertyzxcv2000 , 11/24/2006, 16:28:34 Post Reply   Forum

I installed Fitaly 4 for Tablet PC on Windows XP and like it.
I saw the other posts about moving the keyboard around -- I do not see a way to dock the keyboard -- is this possible at all? It should dock on all sides of the screen.

If it docks with horizontal space left over, perhaps that space can be used for macro expansion and overall status display (or just non-docked space.

An alternative would be auto-hide the keyboard after a few seconds or after Enter is pressed (or similar).

I saw an earlier post years back about Fitaly for Pocket PC (which I use now and like it a lot) not supporting auto-repeat due to extra timer and logic.

Now that we have a high-power Ultra-Mobile/Tablet PCs, the timer shoudn't be an issue. This would be a great feature.

At least keys such as Tab, Space, Directional Cursors should have auto-repeat. Also, this can be an option if it compromised input speed.

Dave Lee

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