Could Fitaly run on Pepper Pad, in WINE...?

Posted by Robert Carnegie , 10/10/2006, 02:34:46 Post Reply   Forum

This might be a proposal easy to turn down... I recently was reading about Pepper Pad, a touch screen Linux tablet.

Not immediately tempted, but obviously I'm thinking... can we get Fitaly onto it??

Hardware compatibility aside, I suppose the first questions are whether Fitaly is also compatible with "WINE", a Windows-ish layer on Linux - and sufficiently so to be used as a keyboard for Linux.

I think it's quite likely to appear normal but do nothing useful at all. In fact I think I may have asked but forgotten the answer.

And why this device particularly... it has a TV remote controller.

I am presuming that with just a little more work, this Pepper Pad could be used as simply a keyboard running Fitaly, to a desktop PC, cordlessly. Anything that'll take an infra-red keyboard.

A darned expensive keyboard, but there you are. ;-)

You also have to jump through hoops to run WINE itself or other chosen applications on the basic Pepper Pad. Newer models are more open, I think.

And admittedly cordless keyboard is a little way away from remote control, too. But there could be simple ways around that too.

I've brought it up before with PDAs in mind. But this one has a larger screen.

But as a matter of fact I'm now thinking of trading over to UMPC - Samsung's Q1 - still running Windows Tablet Edition. And taking Fitaly with me, of course!

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