Half-cell related problems with 9 0 / )

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Half-cell related problems with 9 0 / )

If you know about the half-cell option please skip to the end of this document.

First of all:

What is the half-cell option?

This option concerns the split cells with punctuation marks and numbers. When installed, FitalyStamp will produce punctuation on taps and numbers on slides.

This is the punctuation direct option, and it is activated by default.

Users who often need to write digits will benefit from the digits direct option that can be found in the advanced options menu. This option causes digits on taps and punctuation on slides.

Both these options are full-cell options. This means that the response of FitalyStamp is all the same as long any point in one cell is tapped.

Contrary to this the half-cell option splits the cell. The punctuation/digits cells are split in triangles that are visually indicated on the FitalyStamp and the arrows/accents cells are split in an upper and a lower half. Each part should produce its symbol or action just with a tap.

Now comes the difficulty:

Problems with the half-cell option, especially with 9 0 / ) and the arrow/accent keys.

Some users found that the distinction between / and 9 does not work in half-cell mode, and similarly they always get a ) instead of an 8. Additionally the arrows to the right side do not work.

Solution: If you are using the half cell option it is strongly reccomended that you place the FitalyStamp one millimiter higher. This is given by the digitizer. For an explanation see Additional Installation Notes - Half-cells

Another solution would be to use taps on the right part of the cell to get the lower triangle. For example, tap well on the 9 or even to the right of the 9. Unfortunately, however, this will not work to distinguish arrows from accents. If you need this, you must place the FitalyStamp at a slightly higher position.

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