Who should use FitalyStamp?

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Who should use FitalyStamp?

Personal Digital Assistants, and especially PalmOS devices, are mainly made for use and for work, for people who need them and expect a daily benefit from them. Gaming and fascination of technics itself also play a role, but the main criterion is that PDAs fulfill their task reliable in practical life.

This is reflected in the software scenery. An impressive amount of the PalmOS applications are tools and utilities for work or daily life and very many of them are text input orientated.

Now it is a fact that to the Palm novice the handwriting-near Graffiti has a special fascination. Also this helped to establish the Palm device itself being independent from a heavy hardware keyboard.

But when it comes to real life then it must be admitted that Graffiti and various other handwriting-like input methods are significantly slower than real handwriting. Many palm users caught themselves asking their phone partner to speak slowlier because they were writing on a PDA. The usual comment of fellow-workers "I just love my paper calendar" does not please the palm user mostly.

FitalyStamp is the definite answer to this problem. Anybody who really uses his Palm because he or she needs to use it, will benefit from it - supposed he or she is willing to learn the Fitaly design and to invest an adequate amount of practise. FitalyStamp users that are familiar with it are able to write comparable to handwriting speed - some are even quicker up to average typewriter speed if properly trained. So they use it fluently in meetings, on the phone and on the way. Methods to achieve this are described in How to get very fast.

Who should not use FitalyStamp?

As pointed out, the FitalyStamp needs a initial training. After that it becomes more and more natural with the daily use. Without initial effort the success will be moderate. How much training is needed will be individual, but as a rule of thumb it can be said that an average user should reach about Graffiti speed within the trial period if he or she uses it daily for one hour. So actually learning FitalyStamp is about as hard as learning Graffiti itself, with the advantage that the learning curve will reach a much higher level.

If a user wants a big automatic success right from the first day on without any effort FitalyStamp will hardly fulfill his expectations.

FitalyStamp opens a new dimension of PDA-assisted work

Anybody who looks at this as a new cultural technique that opens possibilities after being learnt, just like typewriting, car driving or mathematics will surely get much more benefit out of it than she or he ever invested.

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