Changing the text in FitalyLetris

Re: Can't figure out how to change text in FitalyLetris -- Jim Arnold
Posted by Juergen Schaefer , 05/14/2001, 03:09:17 Reply Top Forum

FitalyLetris (version 1.03 on my Palm, may be an old one) has about two dozen texts. You cange between them by accessing the menu like in all Palm applications. If an application has no visible menu bar, tap on the silkscreen menu button (lower left beside the Graffiti area). If you are using FitalyStamp it is the middle button in the green bar on the left side. The menu bar appears and by tapping on Train(ing) os Tests a list of texts drops down. Select one by tapping.

The name of the selected text is shown in a framed box in the upper left part of the screen. If you tap this box you get a preview of the text. You may even edit it. E.g. you may replace a text like The quick brown fox... with a list of words you frequently use (names, business terms etc.)

- Juergen-

Note_1: This is not the best forum for asking. I check here once a week (and maybe I'm the only one who does ;-)). The regular Filtaly Forum is at

Note_2 (to Jean and Hannes): Have you considered the idea of continuing the FAQ as a read-only source, just catching frequently asked questions from the normal forum and putting them up on some page?

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