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Re: Using Fitaly Stamp with Brainforest -- Seth McEvoy
Posted by Juergen Schaefer , 03/20/2001, 08:46:23 Reply Top Forum

Seth wrote:


To move items up in the outline, it says to use the Graffiti stroke for "previous field". This is an up-and-down stroke. Similarly, to move items down, I need the "next field" Graffiti stroke.

While I don't use BrainForest myself (I settled for Arranger long time ago - allows you to move items with the pen :-)) I guess the stokes are the same as those used in the Address Book. With FitalyStamp you use the double-headed arrows in the lower right corner of the stamp for these moves.

BTW, you picked not the best forum for your question. Better (as in more closely watched) is "".

- Juergen-

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