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Posted by Jan Jansen , 05/10/2000, 16:45:56 Reply Top Forum

DotNote Hack is a freeware program that functions similarly to Fitaly Stamp. However, when DotNote Hack is enabled in Hackmaster, Fitaly Stamp will not work (only graffiti works). If you try to use Stamp with DotNote Hack enabled, Stamp will enter nothing but periods when you start tapping letters on the overlay. This is due to both programs competing for the same piece of real estate on your screen i.e. the alpha and numeric Graffiti areas.

The quick-and-easy solution is to go into Hackmaster and simply disable (uncheck) the DotNote Hack program. Stamp will then work as it's supposed to work. (In my case, I simply removed DotNote Hack altogether from my system, since Stamp performs essentially the same functions, only better.

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