Many thanks to beta-testers and FitalyStamp users!

Re: Welcome to the FAQ - Monitored by Hannes Frischat -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by HF , 04/07/2000, 00:06:43 Reply Top Forum

This FAQ is the product of all the fellow beta-testers and early FitalyStamp users, who shared their questions and ideas in the 4 1/2 months of the beta test. Many thanks to all of you!

I also feel that the passionate support of the discussions is caused by the outstanding base idea of this software combined with the precise and careful processing by Jean Ichbiah and his developer team.

As Jean said this FAQ should be living (innovative approach again), so comments and questions of understanding are very welcome. Issues that contain new technical impact will be redirected to the main forum from where from time to time the gems will be collected and weaved together with your comments in a recompilation of this FAQ.



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