No FitalyStamp sound

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Posted by HF , 04/06/2000, 09:34:40 Reply Top Forum

Q: No FitalyStamp sound can be heard.

The solution depends on what sort of sound is expected.

FitalyStamp state

FitalyStamp can indicate that it is toggled on or off (suspended). If you want this you should

1. Toggle the sound on in the FitalyStamp options menu.

2. Make sure the box for game sound is checked under the PalmOS Prefs/General.

There are rare cases in which the sound does not activate. Then try cycling the sound option to off, then on again.

Sound on every character

On the other hand some people want a tick sound whenever a character is entered. Most people do not want this, so FitalyStamp does not provide this option.

For those of you who like a sound echo, you may try other utilities as TickHack.

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