FitalyStamp and Hacks?

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Posted by HF , 04/06/2000, 09:26:12 Reply Top Forum

How to use hacks that are accessed by sliding from the silk buttons with FitalyStamp

Several hacks are accessed by sliding from the silk screened buttons into various graffiti areas or to other buttons. They all work beautifully with Fitaly Stamp. How?

  1. Tap the FitalyStamp suspend toggle in the lower left corner of FitalyStamp before every access to the hack.

  2. Then use the slide as if FitalyStamp were not present.

If the hack opens a new application, then you are ready because FitalyStamp immediately restores itself. If you use a hack that keeps you within the same application, you need an additional step:

  1. Restore FS manually by tapping the keyboard toggle again.
This means that there is an additional tap (1), and maybe a second one (3) every time you use the hack.

Tap economics

It is true that this is an additional effort, and avoiding this is on the wish list. But spoken in terms of economics this it a very good deal already now. FitalyStamp saves much time on every written letter, and even doubles the saving on capitals due to the sliding feature. So investing one additional tap when changing an application appears to be a very little tribute to software compatibility.

Covered buttons

Some users mentioned not knowing where the silk screen buttons are, since they are covered by FitalyStamp. Simply divide the left and right borders of the FitalyStamp into quadrants. Just don't tap the lower left keyboard, as that will turn Fitaly Stamp back on.

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