Lockup and trashed screen

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Posted by HF , 04/06/2000, 09:22:37 Reply Top Forum

Lockup and trashed screen during installation

Lockups have been reported by FitalyStamp users in two contexts: Installation and the Thinkoutside keyboard driver.


Whenever you update the FitalyStamp hack over an existing version, be sure not only to deactivate the hack within hackmaster, but also do a soft reset afterwards and delete it then. If you skip this then possibly some of the code will remain active and will can cause severe problems after installing the new version. This is the one part of the installation that needs attention.

In general it is a good rule to do a soft reset after disabling hacks in HackMaster.

Thinkoutside keyboard driver

Users reported lockups caused by an early keyboard driver for the ThinkOutside keyboard. PPK users are having this problem in general. It seems to be totally unrelated to Fitaly.

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