Does FitalyStamp work with PalmOS 3.5?

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Posted by HF , 04/06/2000, 09:16:00 Reply Top Forum

Does FitalyStamp work with PalmOS 3.5?

The current release of FitalyStamp is dated 2000-04-10.

FitalyStamp (version 1.0): both the Hack and the App versions are compatible with Palm OS 3.5, b&w version (Vx).

FitalyStamp (both versions) works on the IIIc but for popup windows. A new release supporting popup windows should be available later.

The current release of Fitaly 2.0 is 2000-06-01.

This release supports Palm OS 3.5 in both the application version and the hack version of the product.

This version does not yet offer support of the IIIc but this is also scheduled.

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