Exact same problem... Can't Adjust Position

Re: "i" menu missing-no digitizer procedure available -- Andres Gazsó
Posted by cal ® , 04/13/2006, 08:44:40 Reply Top Forum

I'm a registered user and am having problems readjusting FS.

For the life of me I can't get Fitaly to show the "Adjust Position" option as indicated in the documentation for the "information menu".

I have uninstalled all apps, reinstalled, etc. and each time I press the "i" button on the silkscreen it launches "FitalySetup" with the "Test Options" screen showing. This screen displays the current XY adjustment value (which I need to adjust). Next to the app name at the top is the drop-down menu which currently shows "Test Options". Pulling this down does not reveal any item named "Adjust Position".

Please help -- I've been struggling with this for a while and am almost at the point of scraping off my silkscreen unless I can figure out how to readjust.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.

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