using TealScript and FitalyStamp together

Re: They work for me -- Tim Crews
Posted by Juergen Schaefer , 09/26/2003, 01:43:41 Reply Top Forum

Thanks for reporting.

You do have a point - I use Graffiti myself in some situations (e.g. while walking or in the dark). Up to now I didn't see the point of using TealScript or the like, but I might in the future. I guess my next Palm machine will use OS5 or 6 which means it uses Graffiti II. And I definitely don't like the thouht of re-learing Graffiti after 6 years of use. So maybe a Graffiti enhancement software like TealScript will allow me to stick to the "old" characters :-)

Just a thought...

- Juergen-

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