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Re: FitalyStamp & TealScript? -- cbjessee
Posted by Tim Crews , 09/25/2003, 14:13:03 Reply Top Forum


Although the original message is more than a year old, I thought I would follow up by saying that I do use FitalyStamp and TealScript together on the same machine. I have TealScript set up to recognize the unistroke alphabet (you know, the one that Palm supposedly patent-infringed when they invented Graffiti.) The reason I use both is, sometimes I get tired of the very fine control that is required to hit the tiny little buttons on the FitalyStamp. When I feel like relaxing a little bit, or when I don't have a stable platform that makes it easy to type, or when I'm using the machine in low light conditions, I use TealScript instead. I just hit the little keyboard button on the bottom left of the stamp, and write using my unistroke alphabet right on top of the stamp.

Tim Crews

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