FitalyStamp in the dark

Re: Thanks ... -- Chris Fortin
Posted by Juergen Schaefer , 06/16/2003, 07:15:58 Reply Top Forum

Chris wrote:

I was looking for this to access the MessageEase input screen, so that I could enter text in the dark, where the FitalyStamp is tough to see.

Yes, darkness is a problem. Luckily I rarely write longer texts in the dark - I fall back to Graffiti in those cases (nice practice now and then)

Anyone know if regular old on-screen fitaly will be available for color devices?

You're talking about the mystical Fitaly 7 (or whatever version that'll be)? ;-) I'm waiting for it since my first colour Palm. Nothing but rumours... Nobody knows but Jean... There are technical reasons which broke the windowing technique Filaty used. You can read background and discussions in the regular Fitaly Forum or rather the older archived Forum.

- Juergen-

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