Invoking the onscreen QWERTY-keyboard

Re: How do I get the keyboard? -- Chris Fortin
Posted by Juergen Schaefer , 06/11/2003, 01:55:51 Reply Top Forum

There are (at least) two ways. You can disable FitalyStamp and tap the spot where the abc-dot is hidden under the Stamp. On my Clie N770 this is easy to remember - it is at the Bottom of the Stamp on the line between the options menu "i" and the letter "q". YMMV

An easier method IMO is using the menu shortcut "/k" which should work in most applications where calling the keyboard makes sense at all. That's also two taps - which can even be simplified by using a custom slide for this.

OTOH, why would anybody call the keyboard in the first place? ;-)

- Juergen-

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