Fitalystamp clie SJ20

Posted by Gerard , 02/09/2003, 12:22:35 Reply   Forum


I recently upgrade from a palm pilot professional to the sony clie SJ20 (the profesional finally gave up the ghost).

I had fitalystamp on the old palm and hoped that I would be able to use fitaly on the clie as well. The application transfered over and the stamp fits but the keys don't appear to line up properly. The up and down are find but as you get to the edges it starts picking up the next key. Ie pressing 'y' will get you '3' if you are not carefull. This behavior is on boths sides of the stamp (pressing 'f' will get you caps if you aren't careful)

I realize the digitizer screen is smaller but are the stamps available actually smaller left to right or top to bottom?



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