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Re: How to launch Fitaly with button or pass through slides -- Frank Gruendel
Posted by Juergen Schaefer ® , 09/25/2001, 13:54:18 Reply Top Forum

Frank wrote:

Hi experts,
Hmm, now, I'd better not answer? ;-)

I didn't find it in the FAQ and I'm brand new here.
Well, your's isn't a Faq - it has been asked only a few times. And that took place in the regular Fitaly Forum.

... working in a dark environment...
Darkness could be used as a chance to test those long forgotten Graffiti characters. ;-)

It is kind of difficult to disable Fitaly Stamp when you don't see the keyboard, but this is a minor problem.
That's why it is located in a corner.

Once it is disabled, how can I bring up Fitaly
Take a look at this message:
Go to Prefs and click on Pen. There the dialog says: "Select a feature you can access by dragging your pen from the writing area to the top of the screen". Just select Keyboard and you can use the wide sweep to start the Fitaly.
I can't test it as I don't have a monochrome device around (can't use Fitaly at all :-( ).

Additionally, if the swipe works, you may try EasyLaunch to assign a button (like "hold-long" on "memo") to "keyboard". Thus it would work without deactivating FitalyStamp first. (I use EasyLaunch for "Adjust Brightness" and "Power Off" to spare my wonky Power button.)

- Juergen-

PS: EasyLaunch is found at PalmGear or at the developers site.

PPS: Frank Gründel of Newton fame?

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