Weirdness with Autocomplete

Posted by Daniel Park , 08/28/2001, 13:47:28 Reply   Forum

Nitpick alert: the following post picks nits with a terrific product...

Whenever I'm using FS to input text into an app that has an "auto complete" feature, I end up getting two characters in a single stroke.

Take the address book as an example. If I'm in the "Company" field, and enter the letter "d", it auto-completes the field as "doggie Day Care & Spa." However, should I wish to enter a capital letter "D" and employ a slide to do so, I get "dD" in the field. If I tap on the shift to get the capital "D", I end up with "Doggie Day Care & Spa", which is as it should be.

Is there a way to get capital letters by sliding without that two-character weirdness, and without disabling AutoComplete? Is it even possible to disable AutoComplete?

thanks, Daniel

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