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Welcome to the FAQ - Monitored by Hannes Frischat -- Jean Ichbiah
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Who should use FitalyStamp? -- HF
How to get very fast -- HF
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Contrast setting on a Handspring's Visor -- HF
Half-cell related problems with 9 0 / ) -- HF
How to use the cursor right/left and arrow keys -- HF
Why is Autoshift not working? -- HF
Disable punctuation? -- MikeK
underscore -- philgrin
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Compatibility -- HF
FitalyStamp & TealScript? -- cbjessee
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Installation -- HF
Fitalystamp clie SJ20 -- Gerard
Beep on key press -- Adam Patacchiola
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Troubleshooting -- HF
Weirdness with Autocomplete -- Daniel Park
Fixing digitizer imprecision in a Palm IIIc for best Fitaly experience -- Pablo Zacheo
"i" menu missing-no digitizer procedure available -- Andres Gazsó
Using Fitaly Stamp with Brainforest -- Seth McEvoy
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How do you pronounce the name? -- MythicFox
10 day demo limit? -- ckeinath
Deciding between Fitaly Stamp and Fitaly onscreen -- Nanlg
"Real" Fitaly keyboard -- George Trudeau
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Can't figure out how to change text in FitalyLetris -- Jim Arnold
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why is the decal way too small? -- feste
How to launch Fitaly with button or pass through slides -- Frank Gruendel
M505 -- Cameron
Handspring treo -- Dan Greenfeld
Re-map keys function -- Edward wong
Upgrades? -- Eric Allen
compatibility -- Eric Allen
Any chance of fitaly for Symbian phones? -- Danny Butt
How do I get the keyboard? -- Chris Fortin
Spanish modification advisable -- Thomas van der Straten W
Fitaly for Symbian devices -- Alex Polinsky
Fitaly port for Sony-Ericsson P900 -- Hans Oey
How do I assign individual keys/keystrokes? -- Stephen Gourlay
Clié TH55: Which version of FITALY should I buy? -- Juncopartner
FS3 launcher -- Jim Fenton
Bringing up the launch bar and recentappslist -- Peter Delin
FITALY for Symbian/UIQ -- chrisgeller
High-resolution number screen -- baw
Fitaly Stamp for Palm Z22 -- JAdamsID
Digitizer isn't working. Help please! -- Naorku
Widening width of letter columns -- sklysz
Can I change devices without re-buying software? -- vs
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