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Re : Tell us about your experience -- Hannes Frischat
Posted by Hannes Frischat , Jul 17,2000,12:33 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Here are some comments that were mailed privately and the writers agreed in having it posted.

It is my pleasure to be a winner. Many thanks to Fitaly for sponsoring the contest as well!

Charles M. Holmes

This is very exciting. I have been working hard at it. It's nice to actually get something for my work!

Joel Morris

Thanks for both a great product and a fun contest. I'm thrilled to win a copy of FitalyStamp as I've really increased my speed of data entry more than I could have ever imagined. You can be sure that I will be telling all my Palm compatriots about FitalyStamp. I'm going to keep
trying to win, but I don't think I quite have the speed of the top contestants.

I was very happy to finally break the 50 second barrier this morning.

Scott Bender

This is the first time I ever won anything! Thanks, I look
forward to using FitalyStamp!


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