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Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Jul 17,2000,08:28 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum


Thanks to you and the other fast contenders for exploding myths. What you have shown is that it is possible to enter text on a Palm Organizer at speeds which are in the same order of magnitude than on a PC. Of course, people will vary, but it is far from the factor of 2 or 3 that most people would have considered normal. So, as long as the two speeds are roughly comparable, the advantages of entering text on a Palm Organizer that is always with you are overwhelming.

The second myth that you exploded is that learning a different layout would be difficult for touch typists. I have often repeated that people are using phone pads and calculators without even realizing that their layouts are different, but you provide a good confirmation by experience.

Looking forward to watching the video!

Jean Ichbiah

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