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Posted by Joel Morris , Jul 14,2000,07:05 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Well, I downloaded fitaly because of this contest to see what it would do. My first attempt was somewhere arount 10wpm. With graffiti, I was able to get 25wpm on the first attempt, but I could not get above 31-ish. After about an hour of using fitaly I was able to get 35 on the contest sentence. After practicing over and over, I still can't seem to break 60 on the contest (though I am very close - and I can see how an error free run could get it.) But, after 8 days, 60wpm is pretty amazing.

However, I still can write at about 20-25 wpm in the real world with Graffiti. When I try to do other tests with fitaly, I am now getting 18-22 wpm on a regular basis. But I have noticed several things:

1. If I try to go fast with graffiti, my hand hurts. If i go fast with fitaly, it is no big deal. The movements are much more fluid.

2. I am softer on the writing surface with fitaly.

3. I have been using Graffiti for almost 2 years - and 25 is about the best I can do in the real world. With fitaly, I know from my experience with the contest that it will only improve. By the time Dom 3 rolls around, i could be typing 40+ in the real world using fitaly.

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