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Well, it has been a good time...

Mind you I haven't spent every day tapping away like mad. When I decide that I want to put in an entry, I'd probably spend about 20 minutes sitting down trying to get a really good entry.

I went hard at it during the first week, so by the second week I'd already gotten a pretty good time. It actually only takes maybe one hour of practice to get really familiar with all the keys and the general patterns of the sentence. Until you do this, you have no chance of getting under 35 seconds.

I was keen to master the fitaly keyboard, since I am a touch-typist (normally type at around 60 wpm) and I was curious to see how fast the fitaly could take me for everyday use.

through the competition my tapping times improved drastically... However I did notice a week ago that I was still hesitating about letters that were NOT in the competition sentence, and this slowed down my normal day to day text entry.

So I decided to practice tapping "the quick brown fox" sentence over and over again. I found that after only about 15-20 minutes that I was confident of the positions of all letters on the keyboard. Now I can type much faster in everyday situations.

In general the competition has been good... I am making a video on request from Jean for you guys. In my last ditch attempts to get the fastest time, I managed to get a time of 31.51 seconds onto film, which I think will be quite nice to watch. By the way, I use "conventional" methods, with only ONE hand/stylus, etc... :)

As far as I know, Faith is the fastest conventional typist, and she has indeed a very fast time. If I can't beat her, then she deserves that bottle of DOM.. Go faith...

anyway, thanks for the fun (btw, I also enjoyed the free FS)


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