Fitaly (demo) 33.47sec

Posted by Ian Frank , Jul 10,2000,21:44 Post Reply   Forum

Name: Ian Frank
Method: Fitaly (demo version)
Time: 33.47
WPM (actual): 71.70

No particular technique, really, just a lot of practice and
patience. Holding the stylus towards the base so that
only the fingers move (the hand itself is fixed) seems
to work for me. You need to practice the "dives" to get the
letters outside the central area though..

More in the tank? Well, maybe... Chugging along at
around 75 wpm is OK for a short while, but it's error-prone.
If I get lucky, I suppose I could come up with a good run.
A little more practice (ah, just a little more practice :)
could also raise my base-line a bit more. Maybe FS is more

Note that I lost a few good times from the high score table
when Letris crashed after I'd been using it for a practice
session. Could be a good idea to switch out of the game after
a new high score, to increase the chance that the internal
memory is actually updated.

Best of luck to all,

- Ian.

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